Direct Response Chat Bots – Pillar 1: Triggers

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Chat bots are the hottest thing in online marketing right now.

And for good reason.

A chat bot is essentially an automated conversational interaction on a software/platform. Direct response chat bots are meant to generate an immediate answer and to compel users to an specific action such as subscribing to your mailing list, message you for more information, buy something, or being directed to your webpage.

What’s the difference between chat bots that generate leads, sales and a return on advertising vs. chat bots that just engage?

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How A Webinar Offer Generated $79,800+ With $9,327 Spent on Facebook Ads

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Want to know how Amplifii generated a 856% return on ad spend?

Imagine spending $1 on Facebook ads and then actually getting $8.56… within 90 days.

Most entrepreneurs and marketing teams I speak to would LOVE getting $1 back for every $1 they spend on Facebook.

But for this client, we didn’t just spend $1 and get $8.56 back.

We also generated leads 48,111 leads in the first 90 days of 2017.

Before working with Amplifii, this client had a list of 14,442. Generating this many leads, this actually caused new problems that the client never faced (more on that in a bit).

We also reached millions of peoples with highly engaging ads (5.32% click through rates) which introduced them to the brand and the face of the brand.

I could keep going, but today, here’s what I want to show you:

  • Strategic changes we made with Facebook ads to decrease cost per lead by up to 82.8%
  • How to get each person on a team focused on their specialities
  • These adjustments leading to be independent of affiliates
  • All the new problems we created by growing a business quickly (I love me some new problems!)

Let’s do it!

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Behind The Campaign: How Josh Earned a 326% Return Using Facebook Lives

By | behind-the-campaign

Are most of your ads a clickable image going to your landing page?

If so…


Facebook has so many different ad types including carousel ads, clickable video ads, lead ads, canvas ads and more.

In all of our Facebook advertising tests, videos is outperforming static ads by a minimum of 2x.

If you are using clickable images as your main way of advertising on Facebook, I know you are losing money on the front end lead generation and retargeting.

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